Friday Breakdown

Friday Breakdown is a weekly series where I go over how much money I spent for the week.
The first number is what has been spent in that category so far this month,
 the green number is the difference from last week,
 (the parenthesized is a snapshot of what the money was spent on.) 

$688.36 (no difference)
Internet and Cell Phone
 (no difference)
Christmas Savings
$100  (no difference)
$78.35 (no difference)
Credit Card   
$1100  (no difference)  
$189.57 +$5.57  (a book)
Entertainment and Rec
$217.69 (no difference) 
$683.47  +$175.45 (groceries)
$60.02 (no difference)
$1000 (no change)
$350.27 (no change)

We really tightened up on our spending this week, so we can stay under budget for the month. Of course, we have still not gone out to eat. I am contemplating and it has been discussed with the sailor, that we may continue this no eating out thing through March, but Thursday night I really didn't want to cook. I was really exhausted and the sailor wasn't home yet, but I soldiered through and it worked out. Sometimes I just have to suck it up and once I am going I realize I am not as tired as I thought. Although, I question if I can go another month. I guess we will see.
Tonight is my daughters' talent show. One will be singing and the other will be playing the piano. I am so excited and nervous for them, which is funny because neither one of them feel nervous.
This weekend is going to be pretty low key for us, should be nice and relaxing. Hope everyone has a nice weekend too.

Update: We had a snow day today, so the talent show has been rescheduled for next month. Bummer, but the snow is perfect for snowmen, so that is the plan and goal for the day.