Friday Breakdown

Friday Breakdown is a weekly series where I go over how much money I spent for the week.
The first number is what has been spent in that category so far this month,
 the green number is the difference from last week,
 (the parenthesized is a snapshot of what the money was spent on.) 

$688.36 +$104.08 (insurance and car fund)
Internet and Cell Phone
+$141.88 (foolish lady's phone bill)
Christmas Savings

$100 +$50 (Christmas savings)
$78.35 (no change)
Credit Card   
$1100 +$880 (payin' off debt)  
$184  (no change)
Entertainment and Rec
$217.69  +$71.70 (birthday present, coffee and allowances) 
$508.02 +$178.75 (groceries)
$60.02 +$8 (new notebooks and a white cake plate)
$1000 (no change)
$350.27 (no change)

This week was hectic, lots of running around and one 24 hour bug. I am definitely feeling better, but was incapacitated for a whole day. I hate being sick.
The weather is getting a bit more bearable. I was actually able to take my jacket off and enjoy the warmth, (it was still 50 degrees, but it feels like 70 when it's been in the teens) while I walked. I was able to walk a little more this week than the first two weeks of February. I am playing catch up at this point. Next week will be filled with walking if the weather stays nice. I need to stay on top of my resolution.
Still no eating out, even when I was sick. The sailor made dinner. Although, he did go get ice cream from the grocery store for dessert for everyone. 
Spending was good this week, even with the high cell phone bill, if next week goes as planned we should still be under budget. Should I not write that? Am I jinxing myself? Probably, but I am hopeful.
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! We have a four day weekend and will be filling our time with library trips and sleepovers.