Friday Breakdown

Friday Breakdown is a weekly series where I go over how much money I spent for the week.
The first number is what has been spent in that category so far this month,
 the green number is the difference from last week,
 (the parenthesized is a snapshot of what the money was spent on.) 

$584.28 +$111.07 (gasoline)
Internet and Cell Phone
$60.55 (no change)
Christmas Savings

$50 +$50 (Christmas savings)
$78.35 (no change)
Credit Card   
$220 (no change)  
$184 +$24 (violin rentals, but a credit for piano since we couldn't make it because of the weather)
Entertainment and Rec
$145.99  +$71.06 (netflix, lift tickets and ski rentals)
$329.27 +$183.88 (groceries and school lunches)
$52.02 +$14.53 (craft paper and thread)
$1000 (no change)
$350.27 +$132 (electric bill)
Our gasoline expenses are high, but that is expected when traveling to the other side of the state. Most of the other money spent was the normal here and there stuff, except the sailor went skiing this weekend with his three brothers. The cost was minimal since he only went night skiing. Next year I hope we can do it as a family.
We really had a test of wills this weekend, our family tried their hardest to talk us into taking the whole family skiing. The sailor and I had already discussed and agreed that he should go, but for a family of five to go skiing on an impulse is somewhat expensive. Especially since we would all have to rent. Even after telling them about our goal to get rid of our credit card debt, yet they still kept pestering us. Finally I listed out how much it would cost for us to go and once we reached the $500 mark the family finally relented. It was actually a little exhausting, but I had somewhat expected it.
Our no dining out challenge is going really well. It hasn't been too hard. I have to say that the sailor has been really supportive in my whims and he should get some credit for this working. He made a wonderful lunch on his day off. (we usually go out to eat on these days too) 
All in all a good week. I am hoping to be under budget again this month, if all goes according to plan. But you know what they say about plans, right?