Cupid has struck the building

Valentine's Day is around the corner and I wanted to share what the kids give for valentines in the classroom. This is not really budget or money related, but it is fun and cheap.

Last year we made these

I stumbled upon this template. We all (me and the kids) cut out the templates. I printed "Happy Valentines Day From So and So" on address labels stuck it on the inside with a hershey kiss in and voila, valentines.

This year the kids wanted to do something different again.
We decided on seed packet valentines

Cost Analysis
Mailing labels, $1.44 (originally $4.44 had a $3 off coupon)
400 sweet pea seeds from Ebay, $7.95
Coin envelopes, I have no idea. We have had these forever.

Total Cost $8.39
Not bad for three kids and doing something a little different for Valentine's Day.