Cheer Up Charlie, revisited

This is a repost of something I wrote a few months ago, but hardly anyone knew I was around. I wanted to reiterate that even though some people be hatin', you have to do what makes you happy. I also want to stress that I enjoy hearing different points of view, what I don't enjoy is rude people. 

It seems like there has been an epidemic of self doubt sweeping the blogging world. Well... maybe not the world, but the blogs I like to read. I wonder if it is the same troll person making these impugning comments. 

The personal finance blog community is extremely diverse and that is how I like it. Some bloggers have never had debt, they have excellent advice, but sometimes are talking about situations that don't apply to me (yet, hopefully). Others have gotten out of this abysmal debt and they are inspirational and make me feel like I can champion it too. And still, some of us are in similar positions and we are advancing through this journey together by supporting each other. Searching through these ideas is a great way to choose a plan for yourself. To figure out what and how to do it the way you want too. 

We don't all do it the same way. That's the whole point. If you were doing exactly the same thing as someone else you wouldn't have much of an opinion to share. You don't have to make yogurt an article by Frugal Girl is great example of not letting yourself get discouraged by others frugality or what might feel like extreme measures. Like getting rid of cable. Dave Ramsey is not the end all be all of financial planning. (this may bring an attempt on my life) Don't get me wrong he is brilliant but not everybody who has gotten out of debt has been a Ramseyite. 

The one thing we have in common is our desire to talk budgets and money. In the real world it is hard to talk about money with friends and family. This is our forum to be footloose and fancy free with our trials and tribulations. I know that I am happy with the progress I am making, but I also find so much joy in following my fellow bloggers headway too. So to the five of you who read this blog keep on keepin' on, I love your blogs.

This is why I say cheer up Charlie, because Charlie Bucket (as in chocolate factory) makes his own choices throughout his adventure, he puts up with some little brats and makes some mistakes but still ends up with the awesome chocolate factory. We all are working for and deserve an awesome chocolate factory.