Saving a Quarter

So I am relatively new to the blogging world and fairly inexperienced in having my own blog, so please excuse me not knowing The Saved Quarter until rather recently. I feel like I find such fantastic blogs everyday that offer such an array of tips and funny stories that are budget and frugal related. At this point I am throughly addicted to reading blogs. I may need a support group, but back to Penny at The Saved Quarter. While I stumbled upon this great concept of saving 25% of your income I couldn't help but think that this just seems impossible, but here she is everyday working to save a quarter of their yearly earnings. She only budgets $100 for Christmas gifts and last year she didn't even spend that much to boot.

Penny and Mr. Penny  aren't the only ones, when I am looking around the personal finance blogging world. There are a lot of followers of the quarter rule, well at least a lot that are up for the saved quarter challenge.  Like I said it seemed impossible but then I brought out my trusty graphing calculator (It is 12 years old from my high school calculus class, I love it. What's that? Why yes, I am a nerd.) and did some figures and realized that we are already participating in this challenge, without even realizing it, we currently are putting away 25.8% of our monthly income toward our debt and savings. How much easier could that be? There it is, a little life lesson. When things seems impossible they probably aren't, we just need a calculator and an attitude adjustment.