The Price of Tea in China

Actually, I am thinking of the price of milk in Pennsylvania. It is $3.20 a gallon for skim milk around these parts. We like skim milk so that works out for us, but whole milk is over $4 a gallon. Now you might be wondering what does this have to do with the price of tea in China. Well I will tell you, it is what some people (like my non-immediate family) think are the batty lengths I will go to to save money.

I will drive to another state to get milk.  In reality it isn't me, it's the sailor. We only live about 15 minutes from the New York state border and milk is drastically cheaper there, it is only $2.15. (Maybe drastically is not the right word, but  it is almost 33% cheaper.) We aren't making special milk trips to New York either, the sailor will just stop there on his way home from work, if he is nearby. We do go through at least 3 gallons a week. It is not inconvenient and it saves us about $12-$15 a month. Totally worth it!

Another "crazy" thing I do is get the oil changed only every 4 months. I grew up thinking the oil must be changed every 3 months or 3000 miles, whichever comes first. Now I am convinced this may not be the end all be all of car maintenance. We don't drive our car very much and only average about 400-500 miles a month, so we are well under the 3000 mile mark even by the fourth month. I also check the oil myself just to see the color or to see if it is low. If this simple check passes inspection, which it always has, I wait. This saves me between $30-$40 a year. Not huge but still totally worth it.

We also shave heads around here. The sailor keeps his 'do neat and trim, by cutting his own hair with clippers. He also cuts our sons hair too. The girls and I get the occasional hair cut and in the meantime I trim their hair myself. This is totally worth it, with the sailor alone we save $20 a month, since he cuts his hair every two weeks.

My insanity continues in other aspects of our life too. Like when I take all the coupons everywhere I go. There is an envelope in my purse that is full to the brim with money saving papers. This is a fairly new madness concept for me. I was so sick and tired of forgetting my $10 off or 30% off coupons at home, so now my precious coupons are with me at all times. Is this totally worth it? Inconclusive data thus far, but I am thinking this is going to work out great.

Well I don't think I am that unbalanced, but I suppose crazy people don't think they are crazy either. I just really enjoy saving money, mostly because at this point spending less means getting out of debt faster. And everyone can enjoy that.

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