January 25, 2011

February No Dining Out Challenge

Sharon is doing a February No Spend Month Challenge, I am not going to be joining. I would like too, but we are going out of town and we have a double date for Valentine's Day. So we decided to do a no eating out month. Of course we would pick the shortest month to try and complete this challenge, because it is a challenge for us anyway. Eating out is our biggest slip up. I know it can be done it just takes some strength of character. The rules are as follows..

No dining out or in at a restaurant or fast food joint.

That seems simple enough. I am going to give us a fighting chance here because as stated here before our allowance money is free to roam wherever it pleases. It is not much so it doesn't roam too far. This would be mainly used for coffee anyway and our coffee place is not technically a restaurant or fast food joint.