January 31, 2011

February Budget

Internet and Cell Phone
Christmas Savings

Credit Card   
Entertainment and Rec

Total  $4700

Here is our monthly budget, again. Auto is higher than usual, that is for gas since we are taking a visit to see our family. Education is also higher than usual, we have softball registration for the girls. Food is lower than usual because of my no dining out challenge. Thank you for all your encouraging comments. I am really looking forward to this month with everyones challenges. I do love a challenge!
In other news, another $1100 going towards our credit card debt. How exciting!
In other other news, I of course changed some design elements on my blog, yet again. I think I am forever doomed to always change it. I figured out I could change fonts from the normal ones and I am a font junkie so here lies my problem. Oh well, change is good, don't ya think? I also added a "to do list". This will be something I always will be adding too. I also put some more info on the "about" page. 
Hope you all have a happy Monday.