Since we have been on our debt journey we have been relatively quiet about our plan to friends and family members. This is because it is really none of their business and because we don't want to sound preachy. We aren't debt free and we haven't made the best choices with our money, who are we to judge or give advice. Even though we aren't screaming from the mountain tops our plan, it inevitably comes up in some conversations. So I compiled a list of some of the hurtles we have to go around.

The Eternal Debtors
These are the family members that when you tell them you can't go on that skiing trip, because you are really focusing all your energy on paying your debt and that a skiing trip for five people with no equipment is an astronomical price and it is something we really should save up for. They retort with "well, you can never really be out of debt, you will always need a new car, or need a new TV, or you will always need something." This is when I would like to reply that a new car and TV are not necessities. Especially when our car and TV work just fine. But you can't say it, because they don't think like that and we're not going to be the ones to change their minds. They think they will always have a car payment or second mortgage payment. So the only thing you can do is stick to your guns and not care what they think.

The Great Pretenders
These family members are the first to have everything. You name it they got it. Gadgets, expensive cars, and major home improvements. They are also the first to point out that we don't have something, like "your three kids share a Nintendo DS, both our kids each have one, there would be too much fighting to deal with, if we didn't." They talk about how much this cost and how much that was and you almost want to slap reality into their bombastic heads, because on more than one occasion you have had a collection agency call your house looking for them. So the only thing you can do is listen to them boast about the finer things in life and hope one day they turn their act around before it is too late and they lose everything.

The Naysayers
The Naysayers are my favorite, just because I love to prove people wrong. (It is a character flaw, I know) They think there is no way a single family income can survive and thrive on what they have. They think there is little chance of getting out of debt or even building wealth. When we talk about traveling, in the future, they make comments like "well how are you going to pay for that," or "you better get a higher paying job." Again, there is not much you can do except keep working at it. Prove 'em wrong and send a postcard from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

As you can see, you can't really say anything to your family. They have their own way of doing things and obviously we have our own goals in mind. The only thing that can change their ways is them. Just like it was for us.

I would also like to say our family is not a bunch of jerks, these are just a few examples. Absolutely overall we have a very loving and very supportive family and they are all great people. Even though I will never tell them about my blog, because they will know exactly which one they are. I doubt they read personal finance blogs anyway.

I can't believe we are the only ones, do you have any family members who drive you nuts over finances?