Extra Income and a Big Case of the Wants

In todays news we have reached our extra income goal for January. I didn't think it was going to happen after the change war with the sailor. I was biting my nails, but Half.com and SwagBucks came through. The SwagBucks is officially gift cards, but that is $15 less cash I put into the Christmas savings account and into the debt bustin' account.

I know I will be using Amazon for Christmas presents because I want this baby, I want it bad. It is all I want for Christmas. Is it too early for Christmas wish lists? I want it anyway. In pearl metallic and all its glory, I should already have one of these, but they are so expensive. I think I would use it all the time though. Did I mention I want it?
I am really having a bit of inner turmoil right now, because it is on sale and has a $40 rebate, but I don't have money to do it right this second. I also don't need it. Oh well, I will keep an eye out. I can be strong! 

This is the breakdown of the extra income, it added up fast. 

$32.63 Half.com sales
$15.00 Amazon gift cards from SwagBucks
$12.73 Selling kids clothes on Ebay
$2.16  Change Debacle of 2011
$50.71 USAA check