Earnin' Some Extra Cash

Part of my 2011 goals is to earn some mo' money. I was going to set a specific amount each month, depending on my idea for a source of revenue. This months idea is as easy as it can be, finding our own money. The plan is to search every nook and cranny for change. This coincides with my plan to clean out our seven junk drawers and consolidate to hopefully one organized junk drawer.  I want to go through closets, dressers and shelves to find unwanted or unused items also and start making piles of stuff to get ready to sell or donate. Should be a fun month, systematically going through our home, but it is for the greater good.
I already have a leg up this month, because our insurance company (USAA) sent us a check for $50.71 at the end of December. Thank you USAA, you are awesome. I don't have a large amount set as the goal, but I am hoping this is attainable, so I don't become frustrated. With a little less than half of the money to go I am feeling good about this month already.
January Goal = $110