January 4, 2011

Changing it up or down

So the great change hunt of twenty eleven has not yielded the results I was hoping for, dang.

It seems I have a rival change hunter in my midst. As I was vacuuming out the couches the sailor asked what I was doing. (obviously vacuuming the couches is kind of an elusive chore around here) I told him my plan to find a million dollars worth of change in the house and to finally be debt free, he laughed. He also let me in on his own change finding mission. He has been doing it much longer than I have. He tracks down any silver he can find, which explains why I had only found mostly pennies. His mission is not as glorious as mine either, he uses his change for soda. My sworn enemy. We don't buy it, I should say I don't buy it. Soda has now colluded with the sailor and has put a vending machine in his office. Traitors!

Like I said the results of my coin locating are not pretty, but I am staying optimistic, every little tiny itsy bitsy bit helps. Survey says, $2.16 mostly in pennies too.

Best places to find change were laundry room (a whopping $.86) and my old wallet ($.27).
Worst places were drawers and couches. This was mostly just because I had to clean them.
But while rifling through drawers and closets I did happen upon a pile of childrens clothes I had meant to donate, but now I have set them up on Ebay to find a new home. Here is to hoping that they get sold.

January goal $110
January total $52.87