December 29, 2010

A Walking Resolution

I already have my goals set in to place for the upcoming year, but I hadn't thought a whole lot about my New Year's Resolution. I don't think they are the same thing. Most years I think of some arbitrary idea to spout off, such as "be healthier" or "get organized." Those are the years I am thoughtful enough to even come up with something. Some years aren't even afforded that pleasantry.
Not this year, forethought and planning are going into this resolution. A few years ago I read an article about how Americans on average only walk about 87 miles a year or a little over a mile and a half a week. This was somewhat appalling to me, but what had I done to help in this? Answer: Nothing. So this year I am going to do my part to bring up our national average. I resolve to walk more than the average American and be more European (they walked on average 237 miles a year)
So I need a plan of attack, in comes the tactics to make it stick

Really understand why I want this?
Walking is a great habit to have, duh. But I am gonna list some other reasons. Burn up some calories, walkers live longer, makes you smarterreduces your risk of cancer, oh, and it's free. Also, at this point in my life I feel that I am not living a healthy life style and I want to.
What are some of my obstacles?
My number one hurtle has got to be laziness. How am I going to counter that? Some ideas to combat my sedentary bones.
Just Do It. Words of wisdom from Nike.
Avoid diversions. Internet, Netflix and Wii prepare for some downtime.
Rewards. Although we are trying to get out of debt, buying rewards for achieving some goals is not a bad idea. Especially if the rewards pertain to walking such as a pedometer or new shoes. This is investing in myself, the greatest asset I have. <-- I am so modest.
Other obstacles include but are not limited to; freezing temperatures, scheduling and availability of time. Speaking of which....
When will I achieve my goal?
More great advice is to start small. I have 365 days to accomplish my goal, but I want it to be a lifestyle change as well. Lets not burn out in the first couple weeks. My idea now is to incorporate walking into everyday errands. We live about 7 blocks from the grocery store, 5 from the library, and 4 from the post office. I want to eventually be walking most everyday, but I have to work up to that.
How will I track my progress?
Right here in this forum, The People's Court. Oh, sorry. Right here on this wee little blog. Not sure how those reports will happen, but be warned they are a comin'.
To track my actual miles walked I will be using a great website called Map My Run. Very user friendly. I will be counting miles walked outside or on a treadmill. Anything walked in home or in a store will not be calculated.

So there it is, my tenacious plan that will hopefully help me reach European status in walking and be the start of healthier habits.
 What are your New Years Resolutions?  Do you have a plan to achieve it?