Our first day of Christmas

Our first of twenty five days of Christmas activity was to decorate the tree. We are usually the "day after Thanksgiving" tree people, but this year we held off until the first of December. Last year after the holidays we bought a fake tree on sale for $60, it was 50% off. If I had waited I probably could have gotten it for cheaper, but I really liked this particular tree and didn't want to lose it. I love real trees but but last year with my allergies I couldn't even sit in the same room as the tree. 
Back to our activity though, of course it was fun. The kids really got in to talking about where some of the ornaments came from and which ones they had made. Then they sang some carols completely unprompted by me, I went to the bathroom came back and they were singing Christmas songs to the tree. I had them pick out their favorite ornaments.
The kids' favorite

My favorite

Candy canes we made last year.

Another one

Finished product
My camera was really cold (it was in the car, from our trip) so everything came out a little blurry, but I think it adds to its Christmas charm.