December 16, 2010

One more year and I'll never see my twenties or credit card debt again.

The official countdown can begin. One year to go!

Today I turn 29.

Nothing too exciting happening. People with birthdays in December feel my pain. Usually I don't get an extravagant birthday gift, which is actually a-okay with me. I am not all that extravagant to begin with. This years gift is economical and thoughtful. I asked for a clean house and a home cooked meal from the sailor. I might go out with a friend while all this takes place and come home to a sparkling clean house and delicious dinner on table. That should happen this weekend.

Hopefully this time next year we will see the end of our credit card debt. Honestly, I hope it is before my birthday so I can tackle our auto loan and get that gone by the time I am 31. As it stands with the debt that is owed today we have to pay $1029.34 every month toward our debt. That doesn't even count the interest that will accumulate.  Aghhh... what have I gotten myself into. This month was the most we have paid toward our debt($1000). It is time to pull a Lindy and start selling some stuff. This shouldn't get me down, it's my birthday for one thing and I do really love a challenge. So bring it on 2011 and credit card debt, I am gonna go all Buffy on you.

P.S. Please don't shun me for my Buffy love. I can't help it. Plus, it's my birthday, I should get a free pass.