December 22, 2010

Maybe this wasn't such a good idea

So I ran across an article that talks about the average spending on dining out every month. I couldn't even think it was possible to spend $279 a month eating out. That is $3348 a year! In Austin, TX  their average dining out expenses were $455 a month or $5460 a year. Unfathomable! Inconceivable!
Then I thought I should find out how much we spent in 2010 on dining out, it couldn't possibly be that much<-- yeah right! We use Microsoft Money to track our spending, so this part was fairly easy because every expense has a category it falls under. So naive me found out how much dining out we did. It's not pretty. We averaged $257.28 a month or $3087.33 for the year.
I do have an excuse or defense or whatever you want to call it. The first six months of this year I was gainfully employed at an exhausting full time job. The last thing I wanted do when I got home was cook(or do laundry or clean, you get the idea). I had stuck to a menu plan for about a month but laziness and fatigue won out. We were eating out about two times a week.
I looked at what our last six months spending was, and it was only $900 which is $150 a month. This is still more than a care to spend dining out, but it is better than before. So the average monthly spending while I was working was $364 a month, can you believe it? I really didn't want to know that, because it makes me feel like an idiot. I know that we have changed our ways, but sometimes I look back and think what were we thinking.
I was making a decent amount of money, but I wasn't conscience of our spending habits. Or I was, but I was just too tired to care. When summer came my job was over and I could not have been happier.

Are you ashamed of your eating out expenses, like I am? Or are you a good about eating at home?