Homemade for the Holidays

This year I made quite a few gifts. This method of saving money for the holidays is not for everyone I know. I do have to say that everything I made was absolutely within my grasp. I wasn't trying to build a robot or sew an evening gown. I just tried to keep it simple. Not only did this help me save money for Christmas gifts, it reminds my family that there was plenty of thought and time behind these gifts. It also reiterates the value of not having to buy the most expensive gift to show you care. 

For my daughters
The girls have always been a great help around the house, especially in the kitchen. This year we bought them a children's cookbook. I thought a great accompaniment would be aprons and oven mitts, until I realized you can't buy an apron set for less than $20. When you are buying two or three of everything it really starts to add up. So I said to myself, "Self, I could make some aprons."  Let me tell you the hardest thing about making aprons is picking out the fabric. I am not a seamstress by any stretch of the imagination, but I can sew a straight line. I really just kind of winged it, but there are some great apron patterns and tutorials out there on the interwebs. All of the fabric cost just under $16, I could have gotten a lot less fabric, I could make about 4 more aprons.  Hmmm... birthday presents for friends maybe.

For my son
My son is a Doctor Who fanatic. Since we live in the middle of nowhere and most of the population in America does not know who Doctor Who is, the internet was the only place I could find anything. Etsy had some great Whophenalia, and while searching I found a felt Tardis. It was perfect, but it was $25. I thought to myself that felt is about twenty five cents a sheet and that I could make it for a fraction of a fraction of the cost.  I was wrong though. Felt sheets cost twenty nine cents a sheet, it cost me $1.45. I already had some polyfill it was just a matter of mapping out a pattern.
The TARDIS. It's bigger on the inside.

For the Sailor
This one was hard, I didn't want to make anything too cheesy. First I thought I would make him a coupon book to redeem any number of things like a back rub or a car wash. But I thought maybe I should get him in on this homemade action too. The sailor could make his own beer, what a thought. I could make a homemade brewery kit for him. This one might not be as cost effective as the others, but it also has experience as a gift along with the beer that is made. I found a great website, that tells you what you need, how much it should cost, and how to do it. 

For the neighbors, friends and family
This one was the easiest. I love to bake and I love goodies. Make something you love. We are giving quite the array of fudge and cookies. We are going to make them as a family (I definitely could use some help) and pack 'em up and ship 'em out.  

Some other brilliant ideas