The Ghosts of Christmas

I haven't posted anything about my Christmas spending yet. I have been hesitant because I don't want to sound like I am bragging. "Look at me guys, I haven't gone over my budget for Christmas, na na na na naaa na." But that was fun to type. It had been surprisingly easy, I bought most presents back in October, I kept my eye on what I was spending and didn't go overboard on anybody.

When we did our Dear Santa letters I felt on top of the world because we had hit the nail on the head. Practically everything they wanted we had already bought or they weren't going to be getting anyway. A few requests for a cell phone and a kitten were denied. <--- please read this with your best Suze Orman voice.

Then last week it started. The skepticism of if I was as prepared as I once thought. Santa's elves were running around my brain constructing confusion like the way they build toys for all the good children. Did I buy enough? Were they gonna get what they wanted? Am I a scrooge?

I was feeling the Christmas Crunch, Yuletide Uncertainty and Holiday Doubt. My Christmas ghosts were haunting me.

We had about $20 left in our Christmas savings and I thought maybe we should get a kitten. That would be a great Christmas present. I also started contemplating cell phones and how much that would cost. Luckily, Sharon has a more sensible head on her shoulders. It was just the exact thing I needed to read. Don't second guess myself. Christmas will be grand without spending a grand. Take this time and enjoy my family. So here I am still $20 under budget with less than a week before Christmas and I have no more presents or stocking stuffers to buy.Thank you Sharon.

Now I just have to wrap all of it.