December 24, 2010

Friday Breakdown

Friday Breakdown is a weekly series where I go over how much money I spent for the week.

$576.16(+$39.89 gas) 
$82.13 (no change)
Christmas Savings
$100 (no change)
$173.30 (no change)
Credit Card   
$1000 (no change)
$110.28  (-$2.72)  
Entertainment and Rec
$149.38 (+$30.00 movie tickets)
509.37 (+$286.32 groceries and lunch with the sailor)
$55.47  (+$24 household items)
$1000 (no change)
$353.77 (no change)
Vacation Savings
$37.50 (no change)
Christmas Crafts 
$38.60 (no change)

I did spend a lot this week for food and dining out. I am really tired of doing that. Oh, and remember how I was shamelessly bragging about not going over my Christmas budget. Yeah, well the joke is on me because I am breaking the bank (and my belt) with our food budget this month. I have excuses, if you want to hear 'em; we donated lots of food, made food for neighbors and the kids were home from school a lot and this is one of those long months. I am worried because I still have to buy four days worth of food for next week. My budget is already busted, but I am doing well in other categories, I am sure it will even out.
We got gas and went to see the Harry Potter movie. Our movie theater is about thirty minutes away. I really liked it, it was pretty long though. I wish I had gone to the bathroom before it started. 
I have a credit from last week of a whopping $2.72, the violin rentals were not as much as I thought they were.
All in all not too bad. As we head in to the last week of December I am not feeling any Christmas spending hangovers, so that is a good thing.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas. 
Or a really nice weekend at least.