December 17, 2010

Friday Breakdown

$536.27 (+$67.76 insurance) 
$82.13 (+$67.04 cell phone bill, with minutes over)
Christmas Savings
$100 (no change)
$173.30 (+$8.00 Tights)
Credit Card   
$1000 (+$580 credit card payment)
$113  (+$43 violin rentals)  
Entertainment and Rec
$119.38 (+$21 allowances)
509.37 (+$89.04 groceries)
$31.47  (no change)
$1000 (no change)
$353.77 (+$184 gas bill)
Vacation Savings
$37.50 (no change)
Christmas Crafts 
$38.60 (+$4.52 craft stuff )

This week was not a bad week for spending, a few things are over budget like cell phone and internet bill, but not too bad just by 2 bucks. Clothing is another issue. I am over by a little over $20, I tried to plan for this but underestimated how much everything would cost. Oh well, next November I will try to sell the dress clothing and recoup some cost. 

I am not saving for vacation anymore. The money that would have gone in there this month will go to debt repayment. That's another $75 on top of the $1000 this month. 

I budget $50 for auto maintenance a month whatever doesn't get spent will go toward the million mile car fund. We also budget between $80-$100 for house and home. These leftovers will go to the washer/dryer fund.

December spending has been under control. Everything that was bought for Christmas came out of a separate account, this helped tremendously since it was very easy to keep track of and I wasn't using monies from our checking account. I've said it before, I will say it again I love ING. I will be using ING to keep track of the car and washer/dryer fund.