December 19, 2010

Best Things in Life

Birthday Edition

My birthday week proved very successful. I have a clean house, dinner was made and eaten and we looked at a pretty cheesecake that didn't taste so good. That was my fault, the control freak that I am tried to "help" the sailor.  I put the ingredients out for him, instead of a tablespoon of flour I set out a cup for him. Oh well, this is where the sailors' awesomeness shines through, because he had invited my friends over and one of them made me a chocolate cake. Problem solved and eaten.

We played Quelf. I know it sounds weird, and it is. It is the wackiest game I have ever played. The sailor bought it for me as a birthday gift a few years ago. It has you do things like play with aluminum foil wrapped around your hands or anytime someone laughs you "command them to be silent." It is like Cranium but whacked out on some hardcore drug. There are characters for the game like Queen Spatula or Biscuit Farmer, I of course was Super Ninja Monkey.The objective is to race around the board picking up cards, you have to "obey the card" or pay the penalty. I have not laughed that hard in a long time. My stomach still hurts this morning. If you like silliness in your board game this is for you.

Overall, we had a great weekend. Later on today we have been invited to dinner at a friends house. We will be going.
Hope your weekend was full of laughter too.