December 12, 2010

Best Things in Life

Okay I have slacked on these posts a bit, I didn't do a "best free" thing last week. If I had it would sound a lot like this post, so rather than be repetitive I will just compile the two.
By far the most free fun I have had this week is playing in the snow. Snowman building, snow forts with snowball battles, really deep snow angels and sledding a very, very big hill, it seriously needs a ski lift. We have done it all with the snow. We even had two snow days that helped make a four day weekend.  
On the other hand, the most annoying thing that happened this week was the snow, all 52 inches of it. It is not even officially winter and I am over it. Digging out sidewalks and cars, the chapped lips and dry skin, shoveling our porch roof, yeah I said roof. Because of the wind, our porch roof had about four and a half feet of snow. We were fearing freezing rain on top of the snow may cause some serious damage. So the sailor very carefully shoveled the snow off the roof. Ohh, and not to forget the mess three kids make coming inside from their winter wonderland. It's not just tracking in snow and dirt, but there are gloves and hats, and snow boots and snow pants, socks and jackets and scarves. 
Although I am complaining, I did have a great time playing and being a kid again.I also liked the real hot cocoa topped with real whipped cream with a little peppermint we drank once we all came inside. The snow might be here for longer than I would like, but I had a great week with my family and that memory will last longer than the snow and ice outside.