December 15, 2010

2011 Goals

Here are my goals for this upcoming year. 

Financial Goals
1. Get out of credit card debt. That's the whole point of this blog.
2. Track coupon savings. I don't use a ton of coupons, but I figure I save $5-$10 a shopping trip, which conservatively could save me $240 a year. I am just curious to know. 
3. Save $1200 for Christmas. Completely doable at $50 a paycheck.
4. Save $600 for 30,000 mile maintenance. This car is gonna be a million mile car. Dag Nabit!
5. Save for a new washer and dryer.  I am positive at some point they are gonna go. Not even sure how much to save, but I might as well start planning for it.
6. Make some extra cash. To be determined each month. Originally this goal was to save money for a family vacation in two years, but I have to keep goal #1 a priority. Time to become best friends with Craig and his companions. All extra cash will go toward debt, no ifs ands or buts.

Personal Goals
1. Read at least 20 books. I know this is lame compared to some 100 books a year list, but baby steps, I am pretty sure I only read 9 books last year. I like to read. I just don't have a lot of time, with all Netflix watching budgeting I've been doing. What? Don't judge me.
2. Complete 4 home improvement projects. On a budget this is a little harder than it sounds, but I have a few ideas that require more elbow grease than money.
3. Grow an herb garden. I grew a few things in pots inside last year, this year I am taking the show on the road outside. 
4. Be nice to the sailor. He is a pretty nice guy and sometimes I take him for granted. I think I should actively try to do two really nice things a month for him. Yes, I only said two, but I also said really nice, like make his favorite cookies or mow the yard for him. We are also going to be celebrating our 10 year anniversary this year... I have no idea what to get him.
5. Blog at least 15 posts a month. You guys will most definitely get sick of me.  Okay I have come back to this one because I looked and I do anywhere between 25-30 posts a month, maybe I should limit my monthly postage. Although this blog is my new chew toy, there might be a few lolling months once the newness and shininess wears off. 

I will do a monthly update and probably create something on the sidebar. I have thought a lot about these goals and the best part is that they are fairly realistic.