Why did it take me so long?

To figure this all out. I have been the bill payer and grocery buyer since I have been married to the sailor. The head honcho of our finances. I have been playing this debt game for almost ten years. When we first started out together we were so anti credit card.(that was actually their decision not ours, we were young and made little money) Our one big goal in life was to buy our own home. So we worked toward that goal.

We had twin girls and almost exactly two years later we had a son. We moved more times than I can count right now. We bought cars, sold cars, killed cars. Life was happening. We would have $1500 on a credit card and pay it down, then $2000 and pay that down. In my twisted reality it was a fun game to play. I thought everyone has some debt ours is no big deal. We paid our bills on time, every time. We had food on the table and shoes on our feet. We don't have a problem. We even managed to save a decent amount of money. It was all to renovate our future home. But no plan for our future life.

About two years ago that dream became realized. But I didn't grasp the concept that it shouldn't have been the only dream. After we bought the house we spent money on renovations and repairs, furniture, rugs, drapes, electronics ohh the list could go on forever. At some point the savings was gone and  the credit card bill was more than just a couple thousand dollars. It has come full circle, because now we again are anti credit card.(our decision this time)

What about our future? Did I not think I was going to live past thirty? What was I thinking, I honestly don't know. I just know now and that is the best I can do. I know now that we have dreams of being financially secure. We have goals past getting out of debt, now there is a game plan.

I am still so fascinated by the fact of my ignorance, because it really is a simple concept. Spend less than you earn. Live below your means. All cliches until now, I can only see the truth in them. Use them as a mantra for our life.At this moment I am just happy to have the knowledge that for so long eluded me.

What was your turning point or moment or realization that this time it is do or die?