Traveling for the Holidays

With our trip beginning in just a little over a week, my incessant planning has kicked into overdrive. I had set aside $110 for our trip, but that will just about cover gas to and fro. It is a about a six and a half hour drive, one way. So we are dipping into out vacation money. That is what it is there for. 

In addition to seeing our family for Thanksgiving we are also going to see Philadelphia's sights. Half of our planned tourist traps destinations are free.  We plan on going to these really cool free places: the Liberty Bell Center, Independence Hall and Fireman's Hall Museum. We plan on going to the National Constitution Center, which offers a great discount for military members. If time allows we would love to go to the Franklin Institute, the oldest science museum in the country. Our final destination as the case may be is a walking ghost tour by candlelight of downtown Philly. Of course we are going to eat some cheese steaks and pretzels.

Some ways that we are planning on saving money:
  • Packing it in. We are not planning on eating out on our car ride, both of them. So I will be packing lunches for everyone.
  • No buying souvenirs. Our family is actually pretty good about this, we have a ton of old ticket stubs and brochures as our souvenirs, not to mention the pictures we take.
  • Planning ahead. We will be bringing our backpacks with water, granola bars and a bottle of Advil. Being out and about is one of our go to excuses on spending too much money. Not this time, we are coming prepared. 
  • Taking the train. Public transportation, a great way to spend less on gas and parking fees. Plus, I don't think driving around in Philadelphia would be fun, especially if we get lost.
I am going to research some more tidbits to help cut any costs. What are some traveling money saving tips you guys recommend?