Raising a Junior Salesperson

My son is in cub scouts and it was that time of year to sell popcorn and nuts. Usually for fundraisers I don't buy anything and just donate money instead. Like a lot of moms I am involved in the PTO/PTA and I know that the organization only get 40 to 50 percent of the proceeds, I would rather them get 100 percent and not fill my house up with more junk. I also don't ask family members to participate since they live far away and the logistics don't add up.
But back to the cub scout fundraiser. This was actually an opportunity for my son to learn some practical social skills. He also had a chance to earn himself a free camping trip if he sold $600 worth. So we hit the pavement on  a beautiful fall day and basically just went around two blocks and almost made our goal. I have to say I was so proud of him, he was knowledgeable of his product and what the proceeds were going to. I only had to wave and thank people for their time. 
This time we did ask family members for their participation. It was made easier by an online campaign and it shipped directly to them. After all was said and done we spent $55 on popcorn and nuts, but my son earned his camping trip. On a side note I think the camping trip would have cost 85 or 90 dollars. I thought it would have been more, so my sons hard work saved us 30 or 35 dollars. I do have to say I think he also learned a lot about sales and our community.