Maxed Out

I actually watched this documentary before we got rid of our cable, but I saw Maxed Out on Netflix through our Wii. Maxed Out is a great documentary about the debt crisis in America. It is an interesting look into the credit card and banking industry and the lives it has effected. One of the neatest things is that it was actually released on 2006, so it could have been a great warning. Now it is just a blaring foreshadow of what has come.

It is a little one sided, but that isn't to say what is shown isn't true. At times it is hard to watch because of the despair and sadness that some/most of the families are going through, but it is an eye opener. My heart goes out to these families. For me, I know we have gotten ourselves into this mess and we should clean it up. Admittedly, I feel that about most everyone who is debt. The "woe is me" act doesn't add up most of the time. The attitude of I deserve it because I'm me has run rampant. Unfortunately a lot of people do get taken advantage of or have no other options. This is where my eyes get opened and it gives me all the more reason to get out of credit card debt and stop paying these jerks.

If you do watch it, watch through the credits and have a tissue handy. Although I could have just been having an emotional day.