I have to say I love ING Direct. Last month the just gave me $50 for doing the Christmas shopping I was already going to do and not to mention they also gave me 1% cash back for all purchases under $50.  I know 1% is not much, but it is more than my credit union is giving me for purchases and I am not using a credit card in the regular sense. I could sing their praises all day long, but I know anyone who reads debt or finance blogs already knows how awesome they are. I am just a newly converted and devoted customer.
I have only had one traditional bank account, it was through Bank of America. I couldn't understand why I had to pay fees and have minimum balances and I would always feel dirty and used. I have had a checking account with Navy Federal Credit Union for as long as I could remember and never paid any fees for anything. I did have to keep a $5 minimum for a savings account, but the checking could be at any (positive) balance. I had never over drafted my account so I am not positive of that fee, but I feel like that is a reasonable fee to charge. No fees for using your card too much or too little. Or for writing a check during a full moon. Needless to say I didn't keep my B of A account. 
I know not everyone can go through a credit union and some unions are better than others, but I have to say that ING Direct is a nice alternative too. Okay, I guess this is enough for my banks suck! rant.