November 12, 2010

Friday Breakdown

Budget $618
Actual $555.12 Difference from last week is insurance bill was paid  
Cable/Internet/Cell Phone
Budgeted $195 
Actual $195.08 
Christmas Savings
Budgeted $100
Actual $100.00
Budgeted $70
Actual $85.92  
Credit Card/Loan Payments
Budgeted $940
Actual $940.00
Budgeted $105
Actual $92.37 Difference from last week is a new piano book
Entertainment and Recreation
Budgeted $230
Actual $151.09  Babysitter $20, poker night $20 and allowances
Budgeted $770
Actual $348.73  Groceries $142, dining out lunch $33
Budgeted $100
Actual $32.16  Printer ink 14.28
Budgeted $1000
Actual $1000.00
Budgeted $340
Actual $352.48 Our electric bill skyrocketed.
Budgeted $75
Actual $75.00
Thanksgiving Trip
Budgeted $110
Actual $0

Budgeted $4653
Actual $3927.95

Our clothing budget of course is over budget, the sailor needed his uniforms tailored coupled with the fact I was in need of some pants. Also, we are on a budget price plan with our electric bill, but the monthly price went up by about $50 but it is okay the budget was padded a bit so I am only over by $12.48. These are more reasons for me to start working on a cash only basis, because there is always something over budget. Erghhh<--- frustation noise.

The sailor and I had a fun date night out playing poker, even if we did lose. It was only a ten dollar pay in(each) and I had already given us a little more than usual in our entertainment and recreation budget. You gotta live a little, right?<---- Seeking approval.