The Cash Debate

Lately I have been contemplating the cash in envelopes technique. It is the advice of most budget gurus, but I am not 100% sold on this plan. So I am going to make a pro and con list, and maybe this next week I might try it.

  • Never go over budget, you can't spend it if you don't got it.
  • Physical and visual reminder of what is left. 
  • Cash is accepted everywhere, since we live in a place where debit and credit is not always accepted, this could be more convenient for us. (I have said it before, we live in the middle of nowhere)
  • We don't have a bank locally, getting out cash costs us money either by ATM fees or by purchasing something and getting cash back.
  • Keeping track of what money went where would actually be more difficult, since we use a money program and every purchase is accounted for.
  • Cash is scary to me in that I am somewhat, alright I'll admit it completely disorganized, a scatterbrain. I could foresee me losing it.
One last thing that concerns me, is we don't get paid weekly, it is a first and fifteenth situation, so would I set up envelopes on a biweekly basis or just a weekly basis. Also, some things that are due exceed the weekly amount I would be given, like piano lessons are 42 dollars a month, but if I only gave myself a quarter of the education budget I would only have 25 dollars. Would I just subtract the amounts due then divide up the rest. Am I making this too difficult? 

I am pretty sure I am.

Which budget categories do you use in your envelope system? Do you think it really works?