November 28, 2010

Best Things in Life

This week was full of amazing free things. We visited with family that we rarely see and had a great time just enjoying each others company, I hated to go home. We played basketball and poker and video games, I felt like a little kid again. It was completely drama free too. Always a plus when staying with family for an extended amount of time. It was just plain fun, I laughed so hard I cried multiple times and we stayed up way too late almost every night. 

We all also went to Philadelphia. The Liberty Bell is an amazing sight. It is also free to see. Another sight we saw, but was not necessarily free was The National Constitution Center. The sailor got in for free, so I guess it semi-counts. This is a fantastic and educational place. I was actually choked up at the exhibits and the kids were completely fascinated and entertained. This was a great place for young and old alike.  

I had a great week in fact money wise we did well and were under budget for our trip. But more on that later.