November 14, 2010

Best things in Life
My favorite free thing this week was parent teacher conferences. Weird, right? All three of my kids did fantastic, all As and Bs and even one report card with straight As. It is nice to hear compliments about your children, not that I need the validation, but I am not gonna lie that it feels good. 

Although this brings up a good conversation about compensation for good grades. I was never paid for my good grades and I don't pay my children. I think part of it is that we can't really afford it, but mostly because I think that good grades should be expected rather than paid for. If had gone the other way they wouldn't have been punished, I don't think it is fair to put added pressure on them in any direction. My kids are also still very young,so it is also easier (I imagine) to follow what they are doing in school. Paying for an A or a B might be a middle school or high school concept. I am also learning to never say never, as it will only one day come back to haunt me. 

This is a two parter happy freebie, because after the meetings we went to Wendy's and the kids redeemed their free frosty coupons from Halloween. I think between neighbors and trick or treating we got about 20 coupons. The great thing about the coupons though is that they can be combined to get a larger frosty. The day was filled with praise and ice cream, who could ask for more?

P.S. Okay, I hate to keep rubbing in free things but the sailor did get a free lunch at Applebee's for Veteran's Day. Got to love military appreciation.