Salvaging the Scouts

Oh boy! Cub Scouts.  I, of course, was never in Cub Scouts, the sailor on the other hand was an avid scout. So our son who is of scouting age has started in the family tradition. They both seem very enthusiastic about it. I on the other hand, I only see dollar signs. Lots of them. The sailor and I went out to find a uniform. More money, more money. I was tallying in my head and it was above the clothing allowance we had allotted. Well that might be okay, I could split the costs and allot some to entertainment/recreation budget. It was still eating up some major funds though. The sailor saw that oh crap this is expensive look in my eye and he came up with a brilliant idea. "I have some of my old scouting stuff at home lets go look and see what I have," says my wonderful sailor. Thank the good Lord your mom is a pack rat, I think to myself. We get home enthusiastically to find a ton of badges, shirts and pants. Whew! We are saved. Yeah right, it was all Boy Scout attire. Great, brilliant idea. Back to square one.

Later on, I was outside inspecting our new rain barrel (more on that later) when I realized we had a ton of old gutter parts. Ding! Salvage yard! Now it wasn't hitting the lottery, but the $9.25 they bought it for will put a dent in the cost of a whole new wardrobe. Normally we would have thrown it in the trash or paid someone to get rid of it. We were such fools! But a neighbor had told us to salvage, thank you lovely neighbor.

Now it is off to the cub scout supply store.