Rain Barrel of Savings

So I hopped on the trend wagon and got myself a rain barrel, except I didn't dole out over a hundred dollars for mine. With some creativity and bargain hunting you can build a rain barrel pretty inexpensively. Here is how mine went from this..

To this..

Now it isn't the prettiest, but it is a far cry from hideous. As of right now it stands on cinder blocks, I was hoping to use some decorative stone to make a nice wall around the bottom. But it works perfectly, using one of the two holes from the top, I built a spigot out of plumbing materials, starting from 2 inches making our way to the hose adapter, than we flipped it upside down. See...

This is great because I don't have to wait for it to be a third full before I can use it. It also creates great water pressure. As for the gutter draining  into the barrel that too was easy, just used a drill to get a hole started and than used a jigsaw to cut out the rest. Then I attached a gutter by using a piece (not sure what it is called but found it in the gutter section of the hardware store) that screwed into the top of the rain barrel and fit on the inside of the gutter itself, like this...
This works out well because I don't have to worry about mosquitoes attacking the water, although I still may put some type of filter (pantyhose) on the end to catch the sediment from the rooftop.

Now here is the total cost breakdown
Barrel                             $12, can you believe it, a steal!
Plumbing  Accessories    $10
Gutter Accessories           $2
TOTAL                         $24