October 20, 2010

Halloween Super Savings Part 3

Our house loves Coraline; book, movie and all the fun little bits.  Such as button key necklaces, dragonfly hair clips and yellow slickers and galoshes. This year both of my girls wanted to be Coraline, which actually works out great because I couldn't pick just one outfit anyway.  Here are our inspiration photos. 
Unfortunately, the end of October around these parts is too cold for skirts, so the skirt is out, but a pair of jeans will do.  I still have a way to portray those uber cute striped leggings.
This costume was uber easy, since my girls have so many Coraline items already. Here is the breakdown
1. Blue Hair Spray $4.24
2. 2 Dragonfly Hair Clips (already have)
3. Blue Knit Sweater, covered in grey felt stars (already have,made)
4. Yellow Fleece Knit Jacket (already have)
5. Blue Mary Janes (already have)
6. Yellow Rain Boots (already have)
7. Button/Key Necklace (already have)
8. Coraline Doll Felt (made by me)

The only thing that had to be bought was the blue hair spray
TOTAL $4.24

Edit: I went back to get more blue spray and found out they were doing a buy 2 get one free. So I brought back the stuff I already bought and got the deal. It pays to keep your receipts. So my new total is $8.48 

Edit #2: Went with blue wigs instead total cost is now $20.48