October 10, 2010

Halloween Super Challenge Costumes Part 2

The next costume up to bat is David Tennants' Doctor Who, this is for the sailor. Doctor Who isn't well known but he is a beloved character in our home. Plus look how cute he is.

Here is how it all played out as far as cost goes.
1. Blue Pin Stripped Suit, Goodwill $4.49 (actually was $8.99 I just had happened to come in when they had %50 off business attire, lucky me)
2. Sonic Screwdriver, Walmart $3.18 (the sailor actually made it with a LED light and bits and pieces around the house)
3. Wig, Ebay, $3.99 (Unfortunately the sailor doesn't have the hair to pull it off)
4. T-Shirt that says "Trust Me, I'm The Doctor", $0 (made from items we already had at home, shirt fabric paint)
5. Converse Shoes $0 (already had)

TOTAL $11.66