October 21, 2010


Last weekend we went out to eat. I really felt guilty about this decision and it did not come lightly. It was after the last soccer game of the season and the girls had won their first game. The sailor had thought it was a good idea, but I hadn't been sold yet. Rather than get into a battle of wills, I caved. 
As I steamed on the way to the restaurant, I stopped thinking about budgets and realized I don't have to make a lunch for everyone, that I didn't have to clean dishes, I didn't have do anything. Time to stop steaming, let's enjoy our time together. And I did, we did. We all had good food and good times. We laughed and talked. No one was stressed out or thinking about things that needed to get done. I really and truly enjoyed our meal together. 
Maybe this is what happens when we eat out so infrequently, it's not just something we do all the time, it is something more special. Even though we spent over our dining out budget, let's just say it got blown out of the water. I do have to say it was a great day with my family. Who could ask for more.