October 24, 2010

Best Things in Life

In the spirit of being more fulfilled and taking the time to enjoy our lives, I am going to start a weekly post that features my favorite free thing I did that week. It is a spin off of weekly money check up, but I really want to focus on the free aspect of it.
This week my favorite free thing was the walk I went on with the sailor around downtown. We window shopped and watched the leaves blow. Since we are so far away from family we rarely get to go out for free, always having to get a babysitter, but the kids were all at a friends house and we took advantage while we could. We didn't even stop for coffee. When we got back home we raked leaves and when the kids got home they played in the enormous pile of leaves. The sailor and I sat on the porch swing and watched them enjoying themselves so throughly, it's these moments I love to savor.