October 8, 2010

Being Creative

We had our home painted recently. This in my mind is up for debate whether or not it was absolutely necessary. On one hand it could have waited until we saved enough to do it. But I suppose that argument is null and void. We did it and I love, love, love it. I couldn't be happier, it looked so bad before and had not been painted in over twenty years. We took out a personal loan to do it, but if my plan goes through we will have paid it off within the year. 
We did attempt to save money by watching the spending very carefully. We didn't buy all new hardware, we bought a can of black spray paint. We also saved on paint by being brave enough to ask for a military discount at our local paint store. We also saved by being creative. Now I am by no means artistic but I can be a really good copycat.
For instance, we knew we wanted new numbers for our house once it was painted, the old numbers were small and pretty flimsy. I really love the look of the vinyl numbers on the door but they cost around twenty dollars and  even nice sized and sturdy metal numbers cost about four bucks a pop. So I decided to copycat some vinyl numbers with paint, frog tape, and an exacto knife.

Hey, pretty kitty

Turned out pretty good, I think, anyway. I didn't do any during shots, but I had just covered the area in frog tape traced the numbers and then cut the inside away with an xacto knife. I painted over the top like a stencil let it dry for about ten minutes than pulled the tape away. (You don't want to wait to long to dry or the paint will peel away) I had to do some minor touch ups with a painters brush, but it was still very easy.
Total Cost   FREE