September 30, 2010

Super Halloween Challenge

Super Challenge: Halloween Edition
My goal this month is not to spend more $50 on all Halloween related items, including costumes for five, decorations and the candy.

A Super Mario

A Doctor Who Tennant Style

A Mrs. Sherlock Holmes

I am pretty sure it is going to take Sherlock Holmes to figure out how to be so budgety with this adventure.  Lots of homemade fare that is for sure. We also have a ton of the costume items already since everyones costume can wear actual clothing.
As far as decorating is concerned I am not worried about decorating the inside of our home and we have so much stuff from past years for the outside. We are going to paint our pumpkins this year, this is an added cost, but last year our pumpkins rotted so fast we didn't get to enjoy them as long. I am also looking forward to black and white pumpkins on the stairs. I will keep updates.