September 16, 2010

It's Time For Grocery Shopping Challenge!

We are at another challenge this month, last month the microwave died but we aced that test, this month brings a trickier challenge.  At this moment we only have $111.00 in our grocery budget, out of $700. I know I am thinking the same thing, where did it all go, except for the answer is all groceries, I swear. We did get some bulk items at the beginning of the month and the way the month played out it just came to this. Last month we only paid $520 for groceries. But the dilemma is still on hand, so on to the solution I have to buy eleven dinners with $111 giving me just over $10 a night I believe this can be done.  There are items in the pantry we can raid it is going to take super planning, but we will get there.