September 23, 2010

Grocery Challenge Update

Okay, so today was the first groceries I bought for this week. I spent $62.25, this should take me into next week, leaving me $32.48 for four maybe three days. Last night instead of our planned goulash night we emptied the fridge of leftovers. So goulash can go into next week. We might be able to have another leftover night next week, I only have to plan until Thursday.  I am sure I can do it. I have realized that I had been buying household item such as cleaners and putting them into our grocery category, I am not going back to fix it, but in th future I will be more careful of this problem.
On a side note we are over in quite a few categories this month already, I am bummed out, but it was things we wanted to participate in, such as violin rentals and expenses or things that were necessary like a car inspection. Next month will definitely be better and I will have a better grasp on what to expect.