September 18, 2010

Dinner Disappointment

Last night was our date night, I had originally wanted to save money and have a fun evening at Taco Bell. I know it sounds weird, but where we live we actually have to drive about 30 minutes to get to a Taco Bell, so we never go. I thought it would be funny, plus the husband said it had been over two years since he had Taco Bell. Well, we didn't get to go. We went out with another couple who thought both my husband and I were crazy, so we all decided to go to a local sit down restaurant.

Worst decision of the night.

It was the most disgusting food that had ever been brought to me at a restaurant. I only took a few bites. My stomach still hurts. My husband ordered a dinner that didn't come with fries, so he ordered them at extra cost, then he didn't realize he didn't get them until he came home, I checked the receipt, yep, we got charged for them.

It just blows since we hardly ever go out just the two of us and this time is made memorable by my urge to blow chunks in the car. Not to mention the whole outing made us 5 bucks over budget on dining out.  Next time it is gonna be Taco Bell.