Yard Sale

I am pretty sure this is a test, but I am not going to fail. I am going to pass with flying colors. Of course the minute we decide not to put one more cent on our credit cards our microwave goes kaput. Although we are trying to beef up our emergency savings we don't quite have enough for a new microwave, I know it's pathetic.  We are trying to change.  

Anywho back to our problem at hand, we have been lasting a few weeks without a microwave, it is surprisingly easy. Except for one movie night without popcorn, but that is neither here nor there. Inspiration hit me when we were going through our hundreds of DVDs to find the right one, and I am pretty sure if you have eyes and can read you figured out my solution. YARD SALE!  

I have gotten plenty of tips and ideas from the majesty herself. Good signage, check. Change,check. Organizational skills put to the test, check. Tables, check. Advertising, semi-check. Trying to keep the cost as low as possible craigslist it is and we actually have pretty good foot traffic near our house. I hope it works out in the end. We shall see.