Here we go

We are a military family living in Northwest Pennsylvania.  I am a stay at home mom with three children. I feel like we have always been smart with our money but upon really looking at the numbers I realized we were not. I thought I could start this blog to get ourselves out of debt.  So, there are many budget blogs but this is really to get myself motivated to get it done.  I turn 30 on December 16th  2011.  That gives me less than a year and a half to get out of our debt hole. 

As of right now we are $14,736.05 in credit card debt.  This does not include our car loan of $19,788.41.  Nor does it include our mortgage of $129,576.95.  These two will have to wait, I am pretty sure we will not be able to include these in our 16 month goal.  It's okay we will get there.

At the end of every month I would like to have a zero based budget designed for the following month.  I would also like to have each debt listed by creditor.  I would also like to have a weekly update of budget vs. spending.  This is no longer the case, it is very time consuming. 

August as far as I am concerned was our jumping off point.  Since we had been spending money that wasn't actually for that pay period, I wanted to start off with a clean slate and make sure we weren't dipping into September monies.

The Plan
  1. Month specific budgets
  2. Save $1000 for emergency fund Check, accomplished this in October.
  3. Weekly updates of budget vs. spending
  4. Pay for all the stuff we already bought
  5. Save before we spend