Explanations and Excuses

We at one point in out lives were much more money conscience, we have always paid our bills on time, had money in savings, participated in TSP(Thrift Savings Plan,401k equivalent) and a mutual fund.  Our goal was to buy a house. No one on my side of the family, at the time, had owned their home and my husband's side had built their own home.  Moving around every 3-4 years we never had something that we called ours. These reasons fueled our desire.  We had our struggles, being in the military is not conducive to being able to plant roots, but we persevered and on my 27th birthday we bought our first home.
Once that hurtle was passed we became care free and it now shows.  We bought new items for the house, we did renovations to the house, we bought a new car. I am the biggest proponent of coupons and deals and never paying full price, but I guess it doesn't mean that much if you are still spending more than you should. A year and a half later we are here at this post, in too much debt for my taste.  We still pay our bills on time, participate in TSP and a mutual fund, but now is the time to turn this debt train around.  I know how easy it is to get in this situation, obviously.  Now it is time for the hard work.  Bring it on.